Friday, 19 July 2013



Some symbols in no particular order: (Some symbols did not convert properly, will try to fix them.)

~         tilde
*          asterisk
+         plus sign
-           hyphen, minus sign
±         plus or minus
∓         minus or plus
×         multiplication sign
÷         division sign
•          dot or bullet product
∘          ring operator
=         equals
≡         is identical to
≠         is not equal to
≅         is approximately equal to
≈         almost equal to
≐         is nearly equal to
<         less than
>         greater than
≤         less than or equal to
≥         greater than or equal to
Ú        much less than
ä        much greater than
/          slash, solidus, virgule, division
\          reverse slash, solidus, set minus
|           vertical line
‖          double vertical line, parallel
∅         empty or null set
ℏ         h-bar (Planck constant over two pi)
ℕ         natural numbers
ℙ         prime numbers
ℤ         integers
ℚ        rational numbers
ℝ         real numbers
ℂ         complex numbers
ℍ        quaternions (after Hamilton)
𝕆       octonions
ℜ         real part
ℑ         imaginary part
dx       differential of x
Δx       increment of x
∂          partial derivative
∫         integral
∬        double integral
∭      triple integral
∮         contour integral
∯        surface integral
∰      volume integral
(          left parenthesis
)          right parenthesis
 [ ]       left and right square brackets
{ }        curly brackets or braces
⟨ ⟩        angle brackets
⟦ ⟧       double brackets
         floor brackets
         ceiling brackets
‖ ‖      double vertical line brackets   
∊         is a member of
       is contained in
∩         cap, intersection
∪         cup, union
∨         or
      arrow, implies
      double arrow, if then
!         exclamation point, factorial
         factorial (old notation)
       proportional to
       for all
      there exists
∄         there does not exist
∵         because
𝔃̅ or 𝔃*          complex conjugate
ℜ, Re real part
ℑ, Im imaginary part
%      per cent
‰      per mille
$        Dollar
£          Pound (British)
¥       Yen
       del or nabla
∇²       Laplacian operator
∶           ratio
∷         proportion
∝         is proportional to
&       ampersand
℃        degrees Celsius
℉        degrees Fahrenheit
.           decimal point
°           degrees
9           minutes
0           seconds
lb        pound(s)
Hz     hertz
ℵ         alef
0      alef null, naught, or zero
à     Weierstrass p
|x|      absolute value of x
[x] or ⟦x⟧    integral part of x
x|y     x divides y
       square root
∛         cube root
 ͞͞͞ ͞ ͞      vinculum above
___     vinculum below
         horizontal fraction bar
℄         center line symbol
†          dagger
℈         scruple
≀          wreath product
A X B          inner, vector, or cross, product
A ∙ B outer, scalar, or dot, product
■                    end of proof
QED               end of proof

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